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How do I promote my business with BirthdayPak?

BirthdayPak is an award-winning, multi-channel marketing program that puts your business front and center in the homes of your most coveted audience…influential women in your community with the spending power to become YOUR best customer. Equally important, BirthdayPak engages these women at the exact moment when they are most receptive to your message as they make plans to celebrate one of life's most important milestones…their birthday!

How does BirthdayPak work?

BirthdayPak works by integrating compelling direct mail with a personalized online experience that engages the audience with the promise of valuable offers from the best businesses in the area…including yours!

Step 1: The Engagement

The engagement begins with the arrival in the mailbox of our beautifully printed and highly-personalized BirthdayPak...the look and feel of the package combined with its timely arrival assures that it gets opened!

Step 2: The Intrigue

Once the BirthdayPak is opened, the women find valuable personalized promotional gift cards from an exclusive group of local retailers including fine dining establishments, day spas, clothing boutiques and jewelry stores.

Step 3: Activation = Permission

Through a simple and personalized online activation process, the promotional gift cards are activated as the women agree to become part of one of our hyper-local BirthdayPak Communities. This assures them of receiving timely electronic communications from BirthdayPak on behalf of your business and the other local businesses featured in their BirthdayPak.

Step 4: Sharing the Fun

Once the women have used their BirthdayPak Gift Cards, they share the program with their family and friends through social media outlets both offline and online. This viraling effect helps to grow our community which, in turn, leads to more business for your business.


Key features and benefits for the featured advertisers

  • Inclusion into an exclusive group of local advertisers that are similarly focused on a common goal of both protecting and promoting their brand.
  • Access to 12,000 unique women annually in your immediate community with the means and motivation to become your client or customer.
  • Inclusion of your hyper-linked logo on the BirthdayPak "Thank you" Page, which provides trackable clicks from our website to yours.
  • Inclusion into the dynamic BirthdayPak "Bundled Email Platform" that delivers meaningful and timely messages from you and your business to the BirthdayPak community providing critical re-engagement opportunities for your business and the consumer.
  • Inclusion into the BirthdayPak advertiser retention program, which allows you to deliver more value to your existing customers, further insuring their loyalty.
  • Automated and timely email reports of all relevant data, including overall market performance, intended response to your offer, relational reporting of performance specific to your business vs. other similar businesses, and clicks to your website driven by BirthdayPak, etc.

BirthdayPak's proven platform delivers a level of measurability and accountability that gives you control over your marketing budget while helping to achieve the following critical marketing milestones:

  • Acquiring a steady stream throughout the year of qualified prospects
  • Converting prospects to 1st time customers
  • Converting existing customers to frequent and loyal customers
  • Converting loyal customers into evangelists for your business

So you can focus on the business at hand!


Advertiser Testimonials

"We joined BirthdayPak two years ago and found that regardless of the time of year, the response has been extremely steady. Not only that, but with the matrix by which clients are targeted, we see primarily new customers entering our establishment and many of them are bringing friends along to celebrate their birthday."

- Tom N., Restaurant Owner


"BirthdayPak is an integral part of our marketing mix. With BirthdayPak, we have had great success in reaching out to new customers, as well as waking up former or existing customers. Not only that, but we are able to market to these people again and again with the ongoing e-marketing platform that BirthdayPak incorporates for us! Thank you!."

- Henry C., Restaurant Owner


"The BirthdayPak program is working very well for us and has outperformed any other advertising I have ever done. Even my general manager, who hates all advertising, has admitted that the response has been amazing."

- Andrew P., Restaurant Owner