Frequently Asked Questions

What is BirthdayPak?

Imagine opening your mailbox on your birthday and finding valuable gift cards from the best restaurants, day spas, and boutiques in your community, at no cost to you; that's BirthdayPak! BirthdayPak has been mailing and celebrating birthdays since 2009. BirthdayPak delivery is expanding across the U.S. through independently owned and operated franchise businesses.

You can learn more about the franchisees and our home office team that make your BirthdayPak possible here.

Does joining the BirthdayPak Community cost me anything?

Not a penny! BirthdayPak works directly with local businesses to come up with tasteful gifts, which are then delivered to your mailbox in the form of promotional gift cards. These local businesses realize that a birthday is a reason to celebrate...they are simply making your decision where to celebrate easier.

Is my information shared with anyone?

We do not share your personally identifiable information with outside parties. Click Here to read our complete Privacy Policy.

How do I activate my BirthdayPak Gift Cards?

If you have received BirthdayPak Gift Cards in the mail, please enter the Activation Code found on the mailer right on our homepage.

How do I use my BirthdayPak Gift Cards?

Use your BirthdayPak Gift Cards as you would any other gift card. Please remember, these are promotional gift cards. They are intended to help our advertisers as much as they are intended to help you celebrate your birthday. Please be mindful of that and use them accordingly, including tipping your wait staff on the full amount BEFORE the discount where appropriate. Click here to see a complete list of BirthdayPak Gift Card limitations.

How can I have my company featured in BirthdayPak?

We'd be happy to discuss how BirthdayPak can help your business connect with the people most likely to become your best customer. Please use our contact form here, and be sure to tell us where your business is located so we can connect you with the local franchise owner.

I'm interested in franchising with BirthdayPak!

For more information on franchising with BirthdayPak, please visit our francising website click here.