Recipients “LOVE” BirthdayPak

"I'm an older lady and birthday presents at my age are few and or none at all. Thank you so much for your company, it has made me see that there truly are amazing people still around."

-Margaret S.

“Let me just say I practically run to the mailbox on Dec. 1st because I know my BirthdayPak is waiting inside! 6 great restaurant gift cerificates is a dream come true to a foodie!”

- Ellen P., IN

“Have you ever wished that on your birthday you got a wonderful surprise in the mail? That’s BirthdayPak! You will get gift cards to the restaurants in your community on your birthday. It’s amazing!”

- Barbara C., MD

“Thank you so much for the gift cards! The expiration date is far away enough that we can enjoy them all. We went to a restaurant that we have never visited and it's now one of our favorites! I'll be going to the spa for a massage on my birthday too. What a wonderful gift you gave me!”

- Cathy C., TX

“Thank you so much! I am really looking forward to using my gift cards. I was able to try some cool places last year and referred them to friends, who then started to patronize them!”

- Beth G., CT

“I am so excited and I appreciate receiving my Birthday Pak! The gift cards include some of my favorite spots and an opportunity to try new ones.”

- Debbie K., KY

“Thanks a lot for sending the wonderful BirthdayPak every year for my birthday! I appreciate your kindness and remembering my birthday every year!”

- Mary G., OH

“This BirthdayPak is really awesome! I visited every restaurant and I have returned to most of them already. They are great!"

- Kathy S., IN

“I received my BirthdayPak today and I can’t wait to enjoy some delicious meals and possibility to pamper myself. Thank you, BirthdayPak!”

- Tracy H., MN

“This came as a wonderful surprise in the mail a few weeks ago. I have used several of the gift cards and have had so much fun doing so! Thank you for this gift!”

- Vicki C., FL

“I received my BirthdayPak in the mail just days before my birthday. What a wonderful gift and surprise! I am truly enjoying the awesome gifts cards. Thank you for the awesome birthday memories!”

- DeVolla P., OK

“I've been receiving my BirthdayPak for a few years now. I love it! I always end up trying at least one new restaurant because I have a gift card. Thank you, BirthdayPak!”

- Elen K., IL

“What a special treat my BirthdayPak is! I love to dine out and with my gift cards I get to celebrate my birthday many times over. Thank you!”

- Marilyn L., DE

“As a senior citizen on a very fixed income, this BirthdayPak will allow me to have the opportunity to experience a few nice meals. Our favorite restaurant is the Concordville Inn. This gift card will afford us to go and not break our budget. Thank you, BirthdayPak.”

- Lois B., PA

"Receiving my BirthdayPak in the mail was such a wonderful surprise, and I intend to use every one of my gift cards! I'm celebrating my 50th birthday this week and receiving this was very special. Thank you, BirthdayPak!"

- Phyllis M., PA

"Receiving my BirthdayPak was one of the best surprises. I already go to Calista Grand, but Pietro's Prime and Doc Magrogan's Oyster House are places I've always wanted to try. If this isn't incentive to finally do it, then I don't know what is! Thanks for making my birthday special!"

- Joanne I., PA

"My wife recently received BirthdayPak (she turned 50). What a great idea - and someone like myself, who has a recent masters in food marketing from St Joe's University, thinks it's an awesome marketing event. Best of luck and I will be sure to suggest this to area businesses in Media."

- Tony I., PA

"This is such a wonderful idea! Thank you for creating this. I totally utilize these services all year round as a result of their participation. Best Regards."

- Lisa W., DE

"Wow! I could not believe it last night when I opened the mail and saw this BirthdayPak! I called to schedule a massage (something I have been putting off for many months), and they took me that same night! What a tremendous savings, plus, I ended up signing up for a membership at Hand and Stone since I enjoyed the service so much! Will tell everyone I know about BirthdayPak!"

- Krista M., PA.

"Just a quick note to once again thank you for the BirthdayPak. It was certainly appreciated and very much used. Enjoyed trying the new restaurants and retail establishments. Thanks again for such a great gift for my Birthday."

- Linda B., PA

"Can't wait to use my Birthday Pak :) Thank you so much...such a great Idea to promote local restaurants etc. Thank you, thank you, thank you...."

- Lynne M., NJ

"I just received my Birthday Pak and I love all the places to use my gift cards. I'm going to Joseph Anthony's this Wednesday. So excited. Great website and just referred some of my friends. Thank you Birthday Pak."

- Carolyn Z., PA

"BirthdayPak's arrival among the usually boring mail was a very nice surprise. Don't know how I earned this honor but I used my first gift card yesterday for a manicure and it was a wonderful birthday treat. Thank you BirthdayPak! I'm telling all my friends!"

- Jane L., PA

"I received my BirthdayPak on the same day that I was going to have a massage and go out to dinner with my family. It was easy to activate and so much fun to use! I couldn't believe the perfect timing. Looking forward to next year's pack already! Thank you."

- Stephanie P., DE

"Just received my first package from you, WOW thank you so much. I forgot I signed up and when it came it was so much better than I could have imagined. You really made my day. Thank you again!"

- Juanita C., PA

"I found the Gift Cards to be terrific, and we discovered one of our FAVORITE restaurants, Azie on Main, because I had received a gift card. We'd never tried it, but gave it a shot -- and we've been back many, many times since and have recommended it to friends. I often tell my husband that if we hadn't gotten the Gift Card, we would never have found it."

- Kerstin H., PA

"My friend got her BirthdayPak in the mail yesterday...we were a bit skeptical but the activation of the cards ($150 worth of Gift Cards to things we would actually use!) was totally free and didn't require credit cards or signing up for anything else! Nice."

- Pamela H., NJ