About Us

Imagine opening your mailbox and finding valuable gift cards from the best restaurants, day spas, jewelry stores and gift shops in your home town just in time for you to celebrate your birthday. That’s BirthdayPak, and hundreds of thousands of women are currently celebrating with BirthdayPak gift cards.

Your BirthdayPak is brought to you by an exclusive group of businesses in your community at absolutely no cost to you. Celebrate your birthday with the complimentary BirthdayPak gift cards and support the local businesses that make your home town special!

BirthdayPak Mailer

Meet Our Team

Paul Berman

Since the beginning, Paul has been an essential partner establishing BirthdayPak as a unique marketing platform for upscale businesses. Paul brings 25+ years of direct marketing experience and has valuable knowledge in financial planning, digital media, direct mail, and business development, which have contributed to the overall growth and success of BirthdayPak. In addition, Paul’s contagious enthusiasm and positive energy create the ideal culture for BirthdayPak employees and franchisees to collaborate toward a unified goal.

Gene Godick

As BirthdayPak continues to grow, it is important to ensure the processes are in place to sustain such growth. Gene is committed to helping BirthdayPak find the best solutions to any challenges and pave the way for expansion. With more than 30 years of financial and executive experience including eight years of Big Five public accounting experience, Gene provides CFO services as well as financial and operational consulting which contributes to the success of BirthdayPak.

Chad Bickle
VP of Franchisee Development

The success of a BirthdayPak franchise is important, not only to the franchisee, but to BirthdayPak too. Chad provides BirthdayPak Franchises with the support, training and growth strategies that offer the guidance they need to achieve their goals. Chad’s previous background in sales and operations, franchise expansion, and strategic business development are contributing toward the recruitment of additional BirthdayPak Franchises as well as ensuring that the current franchises continue to thrive.

Michael Spinka
VP of Technology & Production

While BirthdayPak clients are presented with a clear, concise, successful print and digital marketing program, BirthdayPak has a firm backbone in data management. Mike leads the way developing and integrating systems that make the day-to-day mechanics sustainable and expandable. Mike brings the experience, gusto, and eye for precision needed to make sure those involved internally have the business tools needed for success, and that all of the members of the BirthdayPak Community get their BirthdayPak on time.

Mark Neujahr
National Director of Training

Having personally experienced BirthdayPak’s strong ROI for our business partners and the fast-paced growth of BirthdayPak in Central Florida — I’m looking forward to working with other BirthdayPak Franchisees nationally to help them successfully build their business and expand their markets and the BirthdayPak brand.

DeAnna Lance
Marketing Communications Manager

While BirthdayPak continues to expand delivery with the addition of nationwide franchises, the BirthdayPak marketing program continues to develop as well. DeAnna brings an extensive marketing background to BirthdayPak which includes experience with B2C and B2B initiatives. This versatile understanding provides the insight needed to effectively market to the BirthdayPak community as well as the clients of BirthdayPak. Driven by the excitement that BirthdayPak presents, DeAnna offers marketing direction to the CEO, Production Manager and all of the BirthdayPak Franchises.

Rob Kambies
Graphic/Web Designer & Developer

BirthdayPak has many components that require a keen eye and attention to detail. Rob’s focus is on these graphic elements that make BirthdayPak so unique. With over a decade of experience in print advertising, new age digital skills and proactive web design, Rob is an extremely knowledgeable core member of the BirthdayPak team.

Marissa McTague
Administrative & Marketing Assistant

As an administrative and marketing assistant, Marissa brings support to BirthdayPak and the expanding marketing program. With an educational background in communications and marketing, Marissa will aid in the implementation and continued growth of our public relations initiative and administrative duties.

Meet Our Franchisees

Brandon Baltz

BirthdayPak Franchise of Indiana
BirthdayPak Franchise of Ohio
BirthdayPak Franchise of Kentucky



Brandon joined the BirthdayPak franchise team in June 2015 as owner of the BirthdayPak Franchise of Indiana. Just a short time later, Brandon became owner of two additional BirthdayPak Franchises in Kentucky and Ohio. A natural “self-starter”, Brandon previously owned a business in the restaurant industry and has a great deal of marketing and advertising experience. Brandon is a hard working entrepreneur and fully enjoys working with his BirthdayPak clients to help them reach their goals.

Jamie & Tish McQuiston

BirthdayPak Franchise of Houston

Jamie and Tish joined the BirthdayPak franchise team in May 2016. The McQuistons are long time entrepreneurs with 14 years of owner/operator experience, so they already love the freedom and flexibility of being their own boss. They are enthusiastic to get started and look forward to opening their markets very soon!

Lisa Linkowsky

BirthdayPak Franchise of Central NJ
BirthdayPak Franchise of Bucks County, PA

Lisa joined the BirthdayPak franchise team in May 2014 as owner of the BirthdayPak Franchise of Central New Jersey. Lisa quickly realized she had the knack for BirthdayPak and expanded her markets with the purchase of the BirthdayPak Franchise of Bucks County, PA in March 2015. Lisa has over twenty years of experience with marketing, sales, product management, operations and sales planning. Lisa enjoys the independence as a business owner and appreciates the ongoing support of the BirthdayPak corporate team.

Jennifer Bradley

BirthdayPak Franchise of Dallas/Fort Worth

Jennifer joined the BirthdayPak franchise team in July 2017 as owner of the BirthdayPak franchise of Dallas/Fort Worth. In addition to being a BirthdayPak recipient, Jennifer boasts more than 8 years of advertising sales experience in the print industry. Jennifer’s passion for sales and remarkable achievements will definitely lend a hand in the development of her BirthdayPak franchise. Currently residing in the Fort Worth area with her family, Jennifer is eager to network with the existing BirthdayPak clients and introduce the unique marketing platform to new local businesses.

Todd Derene

BirthdayPak Franchise of Southern Connecticut

Todd joined the BirthdayPak franchise team in November 2015 as owner of the BirthdayPak Franchise of Southern Connecticut. Todd’s extensive background in marketing and sales, along with his focus in the restaurant business will provide a wealth of experience that will surely benefit his BirthdayPak franchise. Todd is eager to open his markets and is planning to launch them very soon!

Frank Hudetz

BirthdayPak Franchise of Western Chicagoland

Frank joined the BirthdayPak franchise team in April 2017 as owner of the BirthdayPak franchise of Western Chicagoland. Frank’s prior experience in business development and direct marketing is essential as he introduces BirthdayPak to the new recipients in his home town. Frank is looking forward to working from home and leveraging the local business contacts that he has developed; he is excited to bring BirthdayPak to the Chicago area.

Colleen Carlberg

BirthdayPak Franchise of Phoenix

Colleen joined the BirthdayPak franchise team in June 2017 as owner of the BirthdayPak Franchise of Phoenix. Colleen has always been an entrepreneur at heart and was thrilled when she learned there was an opportunity to own a BirthdayPak franchise in her home town. Becoming a BirthdayPak franchisee is an easy transition for Colleen, especially with her most recent experience as a franchise consultant. As a previous restaurant owner with more than 15 years of experience in sales, Colleen has what it takes to build out her new BirthdayPak franchise.

Kathy Fox

BirthdayPak Franchise of Nashville

Kathy joined the BirthdayPak franchise team in October 2017 as owner of the BirthdayPak Franchise of Nashville. As owner of the TravelHost of Greater Nashville publication for the past two years, Kathy has accumulated an attractive client base that she can network with while introducing BirthdayPak in and around her home town. Kathy has been connecting her clients with tourists for years and looks forward to bringing the local community members to them with BirthdayPak. Coming from an extensive background of business development and sales, Kathy has the entrepreneurial skills she needs to succeed with her new BirthdayPak franchise.

Heather & Dean Bridges

BirthdayPak Franchise of Austin

Heather and Dean joined the BirthdayPak franchise team in February 2018 as owners of the BirthdayPak Franchise of Austin. Together, they will be introducing BirthdayPak to the upscale businesses in the metropolitan area, while bringing birthday wishes to affluent women living local to those businesses. Both Heather and Dean have an impressive background in B2B sales, and together they have accumulated more than 50 years as sales professionals. They look forward to sharing BirthdayPak with all of the women in Austin.

Jeff Winter

BirthdayPak Franchise of Southeast Minnesota

Jeff joined the BirthdayPak franchise team in March 2017 and has been successful with BirthdayPak in Rochester, MN. In September 2018, he decided to expand his relationship as a franchise owner in the SE Minneapolis, MN market. With an impressive background in business development and marketing, and his entrepreneurial spirit, Jeff has what it takes to be a successful BirthdayPak franchise owner.

Tracy DeGraff

BirthdayPak Franchise of South Tampa Bay & Sarasota

Tracy joined the BirthdayPak franchise team in June 2018 as owner of the BirthdayPak Franchise of South Tampa Bay & Sarasota. Tracy has an extensive background in advertising sales with more than 20 years in the newspaper industry working with big department store clients. Bursting with beaches, sunshine and plenty of places to dine out and shop, this is an ideal venue for BirthdayPak and Tracy is looking forward to sending birthday wishes to the women in these communities while helping the local businesses reach their financial goals.

Dawn Zepeda

BirthdayPak Franchise of Las Vegas

Dawn joined the BirthdayPak franchise team in October 2018 as owner of the BirthdayPak Franchise of Las Vegas. With more than 20 years of experience in the corporate world, Dawn was searching for a business she could call her own. Dawn’s expertise in finance and accounting, along with her brimming enthusiasm and welcoming personality, are sure to help her franchise become a success.

Debi Detwiler

BirthdayPak Franchise of Southern NJ

Debi joined the BirthdayPak franchise team in July 2015 as owner of the BirthdayPak Franchise of Southern New Jersey. Debi has been involved with marketing for 30 years and has many years of restaurant experience as well. As the owner of a promotional products business for the past 12 years, Debi is an energetic entrepreneur and is enjoying her newest venture as a BirthdayPak franchise owner.

Lisa & Ken Whittington

BirthdayPak Franchise of Oklahoma

Lisa and Ken joined the BirthdayPak franchise team in September 2014 as owners of the BirthdayPak Franchise of Oklahoma. Ken and Lisa make a great husband and wife team with their complimentary backgrounds in business operations and sales. This duo shares a passion for BirthdayPak and also enjoys working with clients who are members of their community.

Lorie Marrella & Megan Cavanaugh

BirthdayPak Franchise of Delaware Valley



Lorie and Megan joined the BirthdayPak franchise team in April 2015 as owners of the BirthdayPak Franchise of Delaware Valley. As a previous franchise owner, Lorie brings a lot of business ownership skills to BirthdayPak. Meanwhile, Megan has an impressive background in marketing. Lorie and Megan, along with their experienced sales representative Vincent Talluto, make a great team and are seeing a lot of success with their BirthdayPak franchise.

Kerry & Mark Neujahr

BirthdayPak Franchise of Orlando

Kerry and Mark joined the BirthdayPak franchise team in July 2016. Together, the Neujahrs have 50+ years’ experience in media, marketing and advertising and a passion for helping small businesses grow. Prior to her marketing and advertising profession, Kerry’s career path was within the restaurant industry. Her father owned and operated a restaurant for 40+ years, so the business has been in her blood from an early age. Kerry and Mark are eager to introduce BirthdayPak to the Orlando area!

Betsy Pierre

BirthdayPak Franchise of Minnesota

Betsy joined the BirthdayPak franchise team in March 2016 as owner of the BirthdayPak Franchise of Minnesota. Having owned and operated a business for 15+ years, Betsy enjoys an entrepreneurial spirit and brings 20+ years of ad sales experience to the Minnesota BirthdayPak territory. The unique style of the BirthdayPak product caught Betsy’s attention immediately and she is thrilled to plug Minnesota into this exciting, well rounded marketing opportunity!

Stephanie & Jason Milbrandt

BirthdayPak Franchise of Central PA

Stephanie and Jason joined the BirthdayPak franchise team in January 2017 as the owners of BirthdayPak of Central Pennsylvania. The Milbrandt's will operate a wide geography from Harrisburg to Lancaster and from Wyomissing to Pottstown. Stephanie and Jason bring an extensive marketing background, a long history of working with local business owners and equally important a strong sense of the communities which they serve. They are both very excited to partner with BirthdayPak to Bring the Celebration to Berks, Lancaster, Lebanon, York and Dauphin Counties.

Randi Lynn

BirthdayPak Franchise of Maryland

Randi joined the BirthdayPak franchise team in March 2017 as owner of the BirthdayPak Franchise of Maryland. Randi is a BirthdayPak recipient and an entrepreneur with over 25 years of sales experience and a proven track record in business to business sales. Randi is equipped with the skills she needs to run her new franchise and is eager to build relationships with the clients in her market.

Linda Stallings

BirthdayPak Franchise of Orange County, CA

Linda joined the BirthdayPak franchise team in July 2017 as owner of the BirthdayPak Franchise of Orange County. Linda’s professional experience encompasses almost 20 years in educational sales. While actively searching for a franchise opportunity, Linda was introduced to BirthdayPak by her sister-in-law, who received one for her birthday earlier this year. When Linda learned that owning a BirthdayPak franchise would give her the work-life balance and independence that she desired, she was eager to join the team of BirthdayPak franchise owners.

Denise Eyes

BirthdayPak Franchise of Northern Boston

Denise joined the BirthdayPak franchise team in January 2018 as owner of the BirthdayPak Franchise of Northern Boston. Denise has an extensive background in sales and restaurant operations. Owning a BirthdayPak franchise was the perfect business opportunity for Denise, because she wanted to leverage her sales and hospitality background with a business that provided freedom and flexibility. Having knowledge in the hospitality industry will be helpful for Denise, and her BirthdayPak franchise, as she networks with the upscale restaurants, spas, and boutiques in her community.

Michelle Bohm

BirthdayPak Franchise of Seattle

Michelle joined the BirthdayPak franchise team in May 2018 as owner of the BirthdayPak Franchise of Seattle. With more than 20 years in business development and advertising sales, Michelle has the tools she needs to make her BirthdayPak franchise a success. Michelle is looking forward to sending birthday wishes to the women in her community while helping local businesses reach their financial goals.

Kristy Blasey

BirthdayPak Franchise of Raleigh-Durham

Kristy joined the BirthdayPak franchise team in June 2018 as owner of the BirthdayPak Franchise of Raleigh-Durham. With a strong background in sales and entrepreneurship, Kristy was looking for a new career where she could be her own boss while running a profitable business. Kristy came across the BirthdayPak franchise opportunity and felt her prior experience in advertising sales and business development would be a good match. Kristy is excited to introduce BirthdayPak to the local businesses and community members.

John & Olga Clevenger

BirthdayPak Franchise of South Charlotte

Working in Corporate America for more than 20 years, John was looking for a fresh opportunity that would provide additional revenue while giving him the opportunity to work alongside his wife, Olga. John and Olga were impressed by the high client retention rates BirthdayPak has, especially with the restaurants. Working with the local restaurants should come easy to John and Olga, since John has previous experience in the restaurant industry and Olga is a passionate foodie.